What is Integrated Pest Management – IPM

What is Integrated Pest Management – IPMSounds like something that came out of a super-secret think tank. Integrated Pest Management (IPM): Hidden deep in the mountains of Colorado or locked behind a bunker at Area 51.
Not quite.

IPM services dug its roots into our vernacular back around the time of the Revolutionary War. It all began with the idea of “supervised insect control.” After thousands of years of being bugged by bugs, we finally figured out how to keep the little monsters at bay. Good old chemistry. It was in the early 19th century synthetic insecticides came within reach of normal folks for pest control.

But it took a disgraced President, a peanut farmer and a lab at the University of California to finally realize the dream of IPM.

Starting in the ‘50’s, UC hatched the term “integrated control.” Then in 1972, Richard Nixon sent-out an order to every federal agency. The directive called on government managers to latch onto Integrated Pest Management (IPM) procedures. Then when the peanut farmer and nuclear scientist from the Peach State became President, Jimmy Carter created an agency to coordinate IPM management.

IPM Services

As Barney Fife would say, “Nip it! Nip it in the bud!” That’s the premise behind what integrated pest management or IPM is all about. This is a way to slap-down pests before they start getting mail delivered to your house. We’ve given you the history of pest control using the IPM method. What do you say we get into the nitty-gritty on Integrated Pest Management?
There are five tenets that are the hallmarks of pest control management:

  • In times of war, the best defense is a thorough knowledge of the thing that you’re fighting. It’s impossible to penetrate the pest’s lair if you’re looking for a critter and not where the nuisance hangs its hat, feeds its family and interacts with others of its ilk. Some grunt didn’t just stumble upon Osama bin Laden. It took a lot of intelligence work. So, know your enemy.
  • You may curse the pest up-and-down, but have you ever thought it might be your fault? An open door or window without a screen is the equivalent of posting on your Facebook account that you’re having a party this Friday night while your parents are out-of-town for the weekend. Add to that FB message your home address. If you give a pest an invitation to join-in the festivities by not locking-down your environment, you just set yourself-up for an infestation. Change your habits. Practice good IPM management.
  • Here’s a tricky one if you have pets or kids. Traps. Poison. Toxic materials that could help you from an IPM standpoint. But stuff sitting around that could lead to a trip to the hospital or veterinarian requires extra caution. There are safe ways to reach your Integrated Pest Management – IPM goals. Just make sure you follow the directions to a “T” and don’t be creative. Warn the children and make it impossible for the pets to sample any of the killer goo you spread around.
  • Walk around the inside and outside of your house. While it’s a little exercise, you’re really doing some detective-work. Seek out cracks, holes, openings, fissures and any defects in the internal and external areas of your home. Start with the inside and work your way towards the great outdoors. Carry around a bucket of appropriate filler material and plug the entry and exit points.
  • One person’s crumbs are a pest’s next meal. You don’t have to be obsessive about it, but if you make a mess, wipe it up right away. Practice pest control IPM immediately. Since most banes of your existence work the graveyard shift, leaving junk around overnight is another one of those “it might be your fault” issues. If you do you need clean it out yourself or you can hire a local junk removal service company to do it for you.
    Parting Words

This system of Integrated Pest Management is not a shotgun approach to pest control via IPM. It’s a balance between Mother Nature and how effective the procedure truly is. The Environmental Protection Agency puts it best when it says that IPM services “manage pest damage by the most economical means, and with the least possible hazard to people, property, and the environment.”
When you employ a professional exterminator, they bring IPM methods to the table. It doesn’t matter if it’s termites or rats, fleas or red fire ants. Whatever they are faced with, the pest manager will target the unwanted critter with a laser, aka integrated pest management – IPM, and not a 500-megaton bomb.

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All About Cockroaches As Pests

There are many kinds of household pests known to cause havoc around many different homes. Cockroaches are perhaps one of the most common household pests today. They are insects that are known to carry many kinds of diseases that affect humans.

Cockroaches can live in many different places, locations, and habitats. Some of the common species are known to live alongside with humans. When these insects dwell inside human houses, then they are considered as pests. As mentioned before, these insects are huge carriers of many diseases as many of them have at some point lived and thrived in unsanitary locations with waste deposits. When these insects come in contact with human food, then humans such as younger ones are prone to illness.

Cockroaches are not only known to infest homes, but they are also quite common in many restaurants where food waste is just around the corner. A restaurant that has many cockroaches around it simply means that they are not taking good sanitation measure seriously.

Cockroaches in alabama generally measure about 1 inch in terms of length. However, their tropical species can be larger than an inch. All cockroaches have 6 legs, a pair of wings, and a pair of antennae. Not all winged cockroaches are good with flying hence they are often seen crawling on the walls and in the ground. Just like mice and rats, cockroaches also leave a certain kind of smell that is unpleasant.

Many species of cockroaches when they reach high population, can wreak huge havoc around a house. To make sure that they are kept under control, it is important for any homeowner to know the different ways on how to combat infestation. A cockroach can easily enter a home in through many different openings. They can enter through sewers, drain pipes, crevices, and cracks. On top of that, cockroaches can also hitch a ride from the grocery bags, purses, and boxes.

Cockroaches find homes to be an ideal breeding place as food, water, nesting sites, and warmth can be plentiful. On top of that, they also reproduce very quickly by laying many eggs around walls, cabinets, and other hiding places. They are nocturnal insects thus they are active at night time and are rarely seen during the day. Seeing one during daytime will indicate that they are overcrowding in their hiding places.

To resolve cockroach infestation, calling a professional exterminator with huge knowledge about these insects and green pest control Birmingham Al agents will make the best and quickest option.


How to Have Perfect Interior Paint Every Time

Many homeowners find themselves frozen in indecision when it comes to finding the right interior paints for their home. Their dilemma doesn’t stem from scarcity of paint colors since there are practically hundreds of choices that are available out there. Most homeowner’s indecisions come from lack of confidence in their abilities to pick and coordinate the right colors for their spaces. Since choosing paint colors seems to be a difficult endeavor for many people, Painting Birmingham has some wonderful advice on how you can arrive at perfect interior paint colors at all times.

When building or remodeling your home, Painters Birmingham suggests that you leave choosing your interior paint colors for last. You shouldn’t jump into painting your kitchen or bathroom walls right away because there are many other finishes that you should first pay attention to. Bear in mind, wall paints are available in every color scheme out there. But think about how limited your choices can be when it comes to floor tiles, granite, stones and many more. Often these materials come in fixed neutral hues and have undercurrent tones that will likely stick out. It’s always best to find what tiles, carpets or countertops you wish first and then do the coordinating with your paint colors after. It will be much easier to find the colors this way since you can simply choose from the available hues you can see from your fixed finishes.

Another way for you to easily pick the color to use on your wall is to find inspiration from your existing furniture and textile choices. You should take a close look at your furniture and accents in the room and find subtle hues in them which you can use to guide you in picking your paint. Always put your attention first on the defining pieces of the room such as the color of your couch in the living room or the color of the fabric in your dining chair. The hues in them will help you lead to the best colors that’ll allow you tie up scheme inside the room.

Finally, you can create a wonderful palette by applying the techniques that are used by the pros. This means using the guidance of the color wheel to help you create paint colors which are already tried-and-tested to work beautifully together. Another way is for you to browse through magazines and simply copy the color combos you really like. Best of all, to save yourself from tremendous frustrations and hassles, it will be worth your time to seek the services of paint professionals like Painting Birmingham. With their experience and skills, they can provide you amazing interior paints for your home worthy of placing your space in the pages of a glossy magazine.