What to Expect When Receiving Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is something that women look forward to for the same reasons as any other hair removal method, and there are accompanying concerns. Many women wonder if laser hair removal is painful during or after the procedure and what the procedure is really like, and this blog post will answer those questions and more.

When you schedule an appointment for laser hair removal, it’s a good idea to write down any recommendations that the professional has given regarding the day of procedure. Shaving is typically fine, but the provider might not recommend using hair removal creams, tweezing, or other hair removal methods prior to laser hair removal.

Upon arrival and check-in on the day of your laser hair removal appointment, the patient is brought into one of the facility’s designated rooms. He or she will be asked to sit, recline, or lie down, while they are prepped for the procedure. To prepare for laser hair removal, the patient will be asked to remove any necessary clothing and potentially wear safety goggles to protect their eyes from the laser. If needed, hair in the area to be lasered might be trimmed or shaved.

Laser hair removal can be uncomfortable (this blog post talks about that momentarily), and the laser hair removal professional might opt to apply a topical anesthetic to the area. Once it is time for the laser hair removal treatment to begin, the provider will hold the laser device close to the patient’s skin. Then, once the laser is activated, the patient could feel a sensation of cooling or pins and needles. During this stage, the laser is penetrating hair follicles to zap the hair at its root. This process is precisely what makes laser hair removal successful.

After the laser hair removal procedure is complete, the skin could be red or swollen for several hours. Some people will incur a skin reaction to laser hair removal, and the provider can apply medications as needed. Sometimes, providers will recommend that patients use over the counter pain reducers or creams to help the after-effects of laser hair removal. Ice packs can also be applied to help reduce any discomfort or swelling that is present.

For the time after laser hair removal, the skin should be protected as it heals. Sun exposure and tanning beds should be avoided. Once the skin has healed, sunscreen should be used when sun exposure is expected. As far as results go, reports vary from person to person. Laser hair removal providers typically recommend several treatments placed a few weeks apart. The reason? Hair regrowth can happen. These repeated treatments are needed to inhibit the hair’s growth. Even after the initial “set” of laser hair removal treatments, one or two treatments per year could be needed.

Laser hair removal is a great alternative to painful waxing, frequent shaving, and other inconvenient hair removal methods. Knowing what to expect when expecting hair removal makes the process even more simple, to find out more about this treatment you should contact Cadiz Laser Spa!