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Facial Plastic Surgery

While some people desire to improve specific aspects of their face, others desire a correction procedure due to facial abnormalities that they may have been born with. On the other hand, the Modern facial cosmetic surgery provides a more vibrant, younger looking appearance by reducing wrinkles, lines and other signs of aging. Anyone who decides to go through facial plastic surgery can very well correct droopy eyelids through the blepharoplasty procedure, remove any excess skin under their chin through a neck lift and even change the shape and contour of one’s face by having a rhinoplasty done.

Types of Facial cosmetic surgery.


This is a procedure that is done on the internal and external parts of the nose. Bone and cartilage are reshaped and restructured to improve both the function and appearance of the nose. Usually, this procedure is quick and has minimal pain with a short recovery period.


This is the surgery that is done on the lower or upper eyelids to repair drooping eyelids caused by excess fat, muscle and skin. It improves the both appearance and function of the eyes. As people age, eyelids tend to stretch and the supporting muscles weaken. As a result, excess fat gathers on the upper and lower eyelids. Usually, Blepharoplasty is performed on an out-patient basis and has a short recovery period.


Also known as Rhytidectomy, this type of cosmetic procedure tightens sagging skin and wrinkles on the neck and face that may have been brought about by weight loss or aging. The houston facelift procedure helps to reverse harmful effects of stress, time and exposure to other elements. It may involve a neck lift to tighten loose skin on the neck, a browplasty or brow-lift to elevate the eyebrows and smoothen the forehead, and a midface-lift or cheek lift that tightens the cheeks.

Facial Reconstruction.

This is the procedure that is done to reconstruct the defects that appear on facial skin resulting from a prior disease, surgery or injury. It involves reconstruction of defects that are a result of scar revision, cancer surgery, birthmark removal, scar revision and the correction of any congenital abnormalities of the lips, palate or skull.


Also known as the chin implant, it is the augmentation of the chin by either reducing or adding material to the patient’s chin. It can take form of the chin rounding through osteotomy, chin height reduction or chin augmentation by use of implants. This procedure is mostly performed alongside the rhinoplasty to aid in balancing the proportions of the face.

Lip Enhancement.

This surgical procedure is done by the insertion of a small implant to give fuller and larger lips. In some cases, patients opt to have lip fillers instead where products such as collagen are injected into the lips thus looking plumper and larger.

Benefits of Facial Cosmetic Surgery.

In addition to the more obvious physical benefits such as a better or younger appearance, there are several other benefits.

State of mind.

After undergoing a log awaited facial procedure, many people get an improved mentality in that they tend to love their new look and are more confident in themselves. They become more outgoing and approach the world and everything about it in a new light. Sometimes, these emotional benefits are considered to have a greater effect than the physical benefits.

Less Depressants.

Records show that patients who were under anti-depressants before a cosmetic procedure stopped taking the medicine soon after. The patients have better moods and don’t have to depend on anti-depressants.

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5 Things You Need to Know About Installing New Hardwood Flooring

Installing new hardwood flooring is a big project, plain and simple. While the end result offers a simply irresistible and beautiful surface, jumping into a new hardwood flooring project can go a lot faster and simpler with a few bits of knowledge in-hand. You’ll want to make sure everything is cleared out and properly disposed of- you can use an easy roll off dumpster rental or local junk crew. For instance, understanding exactly what to expect will help during a hardwood floor installation. Knowing a few common blunders that amateurs and experts alike run into will also help in a new hardwood flooring project. With the following information in mind, any new hardwood flooring project can be less difficult, less frustration, and even less costly.


  1. Get Started on the Right Foot

Once the decision has been made to install a new hardwood floor, then there are a few considerations that should me made. For instance, find out the cost of your desired flooring prior to picking it up. When choosing your flooring, carefully consider which flooring will fit perfectly in your space. When the boards are delivered to you, be prepared to store the wood for about two weeks. During this time, the new flooring will acclimate to the temperature and humidity of your home. Then, when it’s time to really get started with your project, start by removing old flooring until you find the sub-floor. During this time, remove as many tacks, nails, and other small objects that could hamper the final visual appearance of your new floor.


  1. Clear the Space

Take a look at your work area. Each space where new flooring will be installed must be completely cleared. No furniture, no appliances – you’ll need to move it all.


  1. Protect It All

As long boards are being brought into your house and tools are being used, you’ll need to protect your belongings. Your pets should be placed in a safe, secure area. Consider draping your counters, cabinets, and other surfaces to reduce the likelihood of injuring something in your home and to make for easy clean-up.


  1. It Takes Time

The amount of time that it takes for installing new hardwood flooring depends on a few dynamics. Take into account your skill level and the amount of space you are covering. F you are working in much of your living area, then it might be wise to stay with friends, family, or in a hotel until the project is done.


  1. There Will Be Dust

As the new floor is being installed, there will be times when some boards need to be re-sized. The end result of this could leave an undesirable amount of dust. This, in combination with the dust and allergens that are stirred up as you remove old flooring, could leave people with allergies running for the hills. If you are sensitive to dust, have allergies, asthma, or any other respiratory, allergic, or sinus issues, wear a dust mask while you work. Don’t let other people come into your work area without a mask while a considerable amount of dust is present


With these topics in mind, your new hardwood flooring installation will be somewhat easier and faster. Understanding how the process typically works will make your project flow seamlessly. To talk to a professional flooring expert call CRT Flooring.

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How To Stay Safe While Sailing

Boating or simply sailing provides people one of the best ways to enjoy the ocean breeze with a lot of fun along with families, friends, and colleagues. Though sailing the ocean can be thrilling and enjoyable experience, it can also be an opportunity to face several dangers at sea. Just like any land and air accidents, water accidents can also happen anytime. Usually, it strikes when you are not aware of the basic safety tips and regulations about sailing.

Before operating a boat, it is very essential that one has a license to operate such water vehicle. On top of that, one must also pass the required safety test for boating. Safety equipments are also very important inside the vessel such as life vests, fire extinguisher, and first aid kit. Nowadays, many states in the United States pose very strict laws with regards to water vessel safety. Anyone who is not licensed to operate a water vessel must answer to the law.

Whether you are a passenger or operator of a boat, it is important to always have enough knowledge about the basic boating safety tips to ensure that everyone in the vessel will have the best time in a very safe manner. First of all, update yourself with the weather. You can do this by regularly checking the weather conditions prior to your departure via radio or television forecasts. Should you notice signs of dark clouds, changing or unpredictable winds, and/or abrupt drop in temperature, you are better off in land than in sea.

Always prepare yourself for any unfortunate events that can possibly happen during sailing. Make sure that the vessel has enough fuel for the trip and that pre departure checklist is very well accomplished. Read and know about the safety features of the vessel before disembarking.  Moreover, be very commonsensical when it comes to sailing safety. Keep the boat running under the allowed speed. If you are just a passenger and you think the captain is sailing too fast, do your part to tell him to keep it slow and under the required speed.

Sometimes, accidents are unavoidable no matter how careful everybody is. To ensure you have enough medical and legal security during sailing, always have a good boat insurance Austin tx. You can talk to your agent on how you can get covered by a boat insurance Austin tx so not only will your boat be protected, but also your life and the life of your passengers or anyone involved in a disaster.

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Types of Motorcycle Insurance Policies and What Each Offers

If you own a motorcycle then the natural thing for you to do is get a motorcycle insurance cover. There are three basic types of motorcycle insurance policies available in texas; comprehensive motorcycle insurance, motorcycle property liability insurance and motorcycle medical payments insurance. Here is a look at what each of them covers:

Comprehensive motorcycle insurance 

It provides you with a complete insurance cover that takes care of any damage that may arise if your bike is involved in an auto accident, vandalism, theft or as a result of natural disasters and weather conditions. Some insurance providers offer additional packages such as cover for protective clothing such as boots, jackets and helmets damaged in an accident involving your bike; emergency costs which were incurred due to a mechanical breakdown or accident as well as key replacement. The cover also works well for scooters.

Motorcycle property liability insurance (Third party property damage)

This type of liability coverage protects you against costs incurred in repairing or replacing someone else’s property that got damaged as a result of your riding. It also takes care of your legal costs should you get sued because of an accident. The cover is often paired with bodily injury insurance which sorts out any medical expenses in case of a body injury to the other party involved in an accident. You should keep in mind that this policy does not provide cover for damages you cause to your own property.

When the term ‘property’ is mentioned most people tend to think of cars or other motorcycles. However, motorcycle property liability insurance covers other kinds of property such as fences, flag poles, mail boxes, utility poles, garages, houses and pets.

Motorcycle medical payments insurance

As the name implies, this cover helps riders cover medical-related costs incurred from motorcycle accidents even if you are at fault. It is important to note that this policy DOES NOT cover health insurance deductibles, co-payments, dental care, psychiatric visits, prescription drugs, home-nurse care and funeral costs unless otherwise stated.

Depending on the insurance provider, motorcycle medical payments insurance can also come in handy when you are involved in an auto accident as a pedestrian or when you’re riding a bicycle.

Other motorcycle insurance options you may opt for

1. Veteran, Vintage and classic vehicle insurance – meant for those bikes that are over 15 years of age that are not driven as much. Most bikes in this category are used for a hobby or recreational use only.

2. Accessory coverage for motorcycles (custom parts and equipment coverage) – covers equipment and accessories that may be added to the motorcycle once it has left the factory. Accessories covered include safety apparel, sidecars, trike conversion kits, audio devices, antenna and other electronic gadgets, exhaust systems and so forth.

3. Uninsured motorist coverage for motorcyclists – motorists are more vulnerable to accidents compared to people driving cars. It would be a smart move for you to get this policy as it covers property damage and bodily harm that arises due to accidents with fellow motorcyclists or drivers that don’t have motorcycle or car insurance.

Visit Biscoe Insurance Group for more information about your insurance!

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Costliest Hurricanes in American History

Hurricane season officially starts June 1st putting states along the Gulf Coast and Eastern Seaboard on watch for storms. When the costliest storms on record are examined, it’s clear that hurricanes are causing more damage in recent years than they did before.

#1 Hurricane Katrina – 2005 / $108 Billion

It comes as no surprise that even after nearly eight years no hurricane has yet to surpass Katrina in the amount of damage done. Even though this wasn’t the strongest storm in U.S. history the sea level of New Orleans and the breaking of the levees created a scenario that led to $108 billion in damage. In addition to Louisiana, Hurricane Katrina caused major damage in Mississippi and Alabama.

#2 Hurricane Sandy – 2012 / $50 Billion

This storm was aptly nicknamed Superstorm Sandy. It tore into the mid-Atlantic late in the hurricane season catching many people and businesses off-guard. The area wasn’t as accustomed to handling and preparing for storms of that magnitude. Sandy caused $50 billion in water, flood and storm damage repair, 147 direct deaths and left the entire eastern seaboard with severe damage.

#3 Hurricane Ike – 2008 / $37.5 Billion

Hurricane Ike hit Texas and Louisiana hard, reaching sustained wind speeds of up to 145 mph. This storm also caused extreme damage in other countries and remains the costliest hurricane ever in Cuba’s history. It’s also the costliest storm in Texas history causing billions in property damage, leading to a loss of millions in the seafood industry and it shut down oil refineries.

#4 Hurricane Wilma – 2005 / $29.2 Billion

The year 2005 was a rough year for homeowners on the Gulf Coast. Hurricane Wilma hit Florida months after Katrina devastated New Orleans, causing over $29 billion in damage. It intensified quickly, making landfall several times. Wilma was the fourth cat 5 storm of 2005 and affected areas from the Caribbean to Europe.

#5 Hurricane Andrew – 1992 / $26.5 Billion

Hurricane Andrew was one of the strongest storms on record in the United States and the costliest one for many years. The category 5 hurricane hit Florida and Louisiana the hardest. Thousands of acres of trees in the Everglades were leveled and hundreds of homes damaged, made worse by nearly 14 inches of rain in Florida and 28 tornadoes that also affected Georgia, Alabama and Mississippi.

If past hurricane seasons are any indication, Texas residents will want to make sure that they are fully covered for the 2013 season. Both Texas renters insurance and Texas homeowners insurance can offer comprehensive protection against hurricane damage. Give us a call today to learn more about hurricane coverage options.