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Types of Motorcycle Insurance Policies and What Each Offers

If you own a motorcycle then the natural thing for you to do is get a motorcycle insurance cover. There are three basic types of motorcycle insurance policies available in texas; comprehensive motorcycle insurance, motorcycle property liability insurance and motorcycle medical payments insurance. Here is a look at what each of them covers:

Comprehensive motorcycle insurance 

It provides you with a complete insurance cover that takes care of any damage that may arise if your bike is involved in an auto accident, vandalism, theft or as a result of natural disasters and weather conditions. Some insurance providers offer additional packages such as cover for protective clothing such as boots, jackets and helmets damaged in an accident involving your bike; emergency costs which were incurred due to a mechanical breakdown or accident as well as key replacement. The cover also works well for scooters.

Motorcycle property liability insurance (Third party property damage)

This type of liability coverage protects you against costs incurred in repairing or replacing someone else’s property that got damaged as a result of your riding. It also takes care of your legal costs should you get sued because of an accident. The cover is often paired with bodily injury insurance which sorts out any medical expenses in case of a body injury to the other party involved in an accident. You should keep in mind that this policy does not provide cover for damages you cause to your own property.

When the term ‘property’ is mentioned most people tend to think of cars or other motorcycles. However, motorcycle property liability insurance covers other kinds of property such as fences, flag poles, mail boxes, utility poles, garages, houses and pets.

Motorcycle medical payments insurance

As the name implies, this cover helps riders cover medical-related costs incurred from motorcycle accidents even if you are at fault. It is important to note that this policy DOES NOT cover health insurance deductibles, co-payments, dental care, psychiatric visits, prescription drugs, home-nurse care and funeral costs unless otherwise stated.

Depending on the insurance provider, motorcycle medical payments insurance can also come in handy when you are involved in an auto accident as a pedestrian or when you’re riding a bicycle.

Other motorcycle insurance options you may opt for

1. Veteran, Vintage and classic vehicle insurance – meant for those bikes that are over 15 years of age that are not driven as much. Most bikes in this category are used for a hobby or recreational use only.

2. Accessory coverage for motorcycles (custom parts and equipment coverage) – covers equipment and accessories that may be added to the motorcycle once it has left the factory. Accessories covered include safety apparel, sidecars, trike conversion kits, audio devices, antenna and other electronic gadgets, exhaust systems and so forth.

3. Uninsured motorist coverage for motorcyclists – motorists are more vulnerable to accidents compared to people driving cars. It would be a smart move for you to get this policy as it covers property damage and bodily harm that arises due to accidents with fellow motorcyclists or drivers that don’t have motorcycle or car insurance.

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