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Facial Plastic Surgery

While some people desire to improve specific aspects of their face, others desire a correction procedure due to facial abnormalities that they may have been born with. On the other hand, the Modern facial cosmetic surgery provides a more vibrant, younger looking appearance by reducing wrinkles, lines and other signs of aging. Anyone who decides to go through facial plastic surgery can very well correct droopy eyelids through the blepharoplasty procedure, remove any excess skin under their chin through a neck lift and even change the shape and contour of one’s face by having a rhinoplasty done.

Types of Facial cosmetic surgery.


This is a procedure that is done on the internal and external parts of the nose. Bone and cartilage are reshaped and restructured to improve both the function and appearance of the nose. Usually, this procedure is quick and has minimal pain with a short recovery period.


This is the surgery that is done on the lower or upper eyelids to repair drooping eyelids caused by excess fat, muscle and skin. It improves the both appearance and function of the eyes. As people age, eyelids tend to stretch and the supporting muscles weaken. As a result, excess fat gathers on the upper and lower eyelids. Usually, Blepharoplasty is performed on an out-patient basis and has a short recovery period.


Also known as Rhytidectomy, this type of cosmetic procedure tightens sagging skin and wrinkles on the neck and face that may have been brought about by weight loss or aging. The houston facelift procedure helps to reverse harmful effects of stress, time and exposure to other elements. It may involve a neck lift to tighten loose skin on the neck, a browplasty or brow-lift to elevate the eyebrows and smoothen the forehead, and a midface-lift or cheek lift that tightens the cheeks.

Facial Reconstruction.

This is the procedure that is done to reconstruct the defects that appear on facial skin resulting from a prior disease, surgery or injury. It involves reconstruction of defects that are a result of scar revision, cancer surgery, birthmark removal, scar revision and the correction of any congenital abnormalities of the lips, palate or skull.


Also known as the chin implant, it is the augmentation of the chin by either reducing or adding material to the patient’s chin. It can take form of the chin rounding through osteotomy, chin height reduction or chin augmentation by use of implants. This procedure is mostly performed alongside the rhinoplasty to aid in balancing the proportions of the face.

Lip Enhancement.

This surgical procedure is done by the insertion of a small implant to give fuller and larger lips. In some cases, patients opt to have lip fillers instead where products such as collagen are injected into the lips thus looking plumper and larger.

Benefits of Facial Cosmetic Surgery.

In addition to the more obvious physical benefits such as a better or younger appearance, there are several other benefits.

State of mind.

After undergoing a log awaited facial procedure, many people get an improved mentality in that they tend to love their new look and are more confident in themselves. They become more outgoing and approach the world and everything about it in a new light. Sometimes, these emotional benefits are considered to have a greater effect than the physical benefits.

Less Depressants.

Records show that patients who were under anti-depressants before a cosmetic procedure stopped taking the medicine soon after. The patients have better moods and don’t have to depend on anti-depressants.