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Costliest Hurricanes in American History

Hurricane season officially starts June 1st putting states along the Gulf Coast and Eastern Seaboard on watch for storms. When the costliest storms on record are examined, it’s clear that hurricanes are causing more damage in recent years than they did before.

#1 Hurricane Katrina – 2005 / $108 Billion

It comes as no surprise that even after nearly eight years no hurricane has yet to surpass Katrina in the amount of damage done. Even though this wasn’t the strongest storm in U.S. history the sea level of New Orleans and the breaking of the levees created a scenario that led to $108 billion in damage. In addition to Louisiana, Hurricane Katrina caused major damage in Mississippi and Alabama.

#2 Hurricane Sandy – 2012 / $50 Billion

This storm was aptly nicknamed Superstorm Sandy. It tore into the mid-Atlantic late in the hurricane season catching many people and businesses off-guard. The area wasn’t as accustomed to handling and preparing for storms of that magnitude. Sandy caused $50 billion in water, flood and storm damage repair, 147 direct deaths and left the entire eastern seaboard with severe damage.

#3 Hurricane Ike – 2008 / $37.5 Billion

Hurricane Ike hit Texas and Louisiana hard, reaching sustained wind speeds of up to 145 mph. This storm also caused extreme damage in other countries and remains the costliest hurricane ever in Cuba’s history. It’s also the costliest storm in Texas history causing billions in property damage, leading to a loss of millions in the seafood industry and it shut down oil refineries.

#4 Hurricane Wilma – 2005 / $29.2 Billion

The year 2005 was a rough year for homeowners on the Gulf Coast. Hurricane Wilma hit Florida months after Katrina devastated New Orleans, causing over $29 billion in damage. It intensified quickly, making landfall several times. Wilma was the fourth cat 5 storm of 2005 and affected areas from the Caribbean to Europe.

#5 Hurricane Andrew – 1992 / $26.5 Billion

Hurricane Andrew was one of the strongest storms on record in the United States and the costliest one for many years. The category 5 hurricane hit Florida and Louisiana the hardest. Thousands of acres of trees in the Everglades were leveled and hundreds of homes damaged, made worse by nearly 14 inches of rain in Florida and 28 tornadoes that also affected Georgia, Alabama and Mississippi.

If past hurricane seasons are any indication, Texas residents will want to make sure that they are fully covered for the 2013 season. Both Texas renters insurance and Texas homeowners insurance can offer comprehensive protection against hurricane damage. Give us a call today to learn more about hurricane coverage options.